Information and Survey

Dear parents,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I know this is a very unusual time for all of us. However, it is important that we continue to learn together in different ways until we are able to return to school.

I am hoping to transition to distance learning while we are away from school and wanted to ask you a few questions to help me plan. Are you able to access materials online? Do you have a device and Internet available at home to access learning and resource materials online? If you do, what email address should I send information to? If you prefer to connect by phone, what phone number should I use to reach you? Please complete the following survey in order to collect this information.

Until April 5, please continue to access the Learn at Home website, which contains learning resources provided by the Ministry of Education at There are many valuable learning opportunities that can happen at home each day. Please consider reading and building physical activity into your daily routine.


Speeches #3

The students have been sharing their speech progress.  In class, we have been discussing the different speech techniques including volume, pitch, tempo, body language and eye contact. We will be conducting our classroom speeches on Friday, February 7th (volunteers only), Monday, February 4th and Tuesday, February 5th.

One interesting comment by some of the students:  “After practicing the speech 10-15min every day for the last 5 days I have already memorized it.”  I am looking forward to hearing from the students in the near future.

Students will be allowed to use cue cards to help support them during their speech; however, they should not read their entire speech using their cue cards.  I have also discussed with the students how to use cue cards, which I will repeat again in the near future.

Speeches #2

Today the students will be bringing home the speeches that they have been working on for the last two weeks.  They were given specific guidelines on how to write a speech in class.  Some students have not finished their speeches and will need further time to complete it at home.  As well, some speeches require further development and improvement.  This can also be done at home.  The rest of the week students should work on memorizing their speeches.  10-15min. of daily practice will be required for this to occur.  Speeches need to be between 3 min. and 5 min. in length.  No props are allowed during the speech.  We will be working on different speech techniques in class over the next week. These techniques include voice (tone, volume, pitch), gestures, pacing and the use of notes or cards.

Candy Grams

The leadership team will be selling Valentine candy grams (Halal options also available) in the first week of February.  Students can purchase a candy gram to give to another student or themselves for 50 cents.  The leadership team will be visiting all classes starting Monday, February 3, 2020.  The last collection will be Friday, February 7, 2020. Students who miss the daily morning collection from the leadership team are encouraged to wait for the following day when the leadership team will return.


We have been working on creating a speech in our language class (3min. – 5min.). All of the students have chosen a topic and have been working this week on the creation of their speech. Most of the students are creating persuasive speech.  These speeches are usually the most effective because they require little research and they engage the audience.  The format of the speech is the following:

a) Tell an interesting story about your topic that will set up what comes next in your speech. 10 -16 sentences

b) Greetings and telling the audience what your topic is and the reasons that will support it.  4-6 sentences

c) Reason #1 (Explain what it is, what it looks like, give examples) 10-14 sentences

d) Reason #2 (Explain what it is, what it looks like, give examples) 10-14 sentences

e) Reason #3 (Explain what it is, what it looks like, give examples) 10-14 sentences

f) Conclusion

An example:  Topic: All students should have to wear a uniform to school

A) Tell a story about getting up in the morning and having so many problems finding the right clothes to wear that day.

B) Thank everyone (Judges, parents and student for coming today) Tell the audience what your topic is and what your 3 reasons to support the topic ( saving time, saving money, safety)

C) Reason #1 (saving time).  Tell the audience how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to worry about what clothes you had to put on in detail. 3-4 different reasons for how this can save you time and effort every morning.

D) Reason #2 (saving money) Tell the audience about how expensive it is buying the latest fashions and replacing clothing as styles change from year to year.  Then tell them how much money could be saved by only having to worry about buying a simple uniform.

E) Reason #3 (safety)  Tell the students that not knowing who belongs to a school could be dangerous. If everyone wore the same uniform it would make it easier to figure out anyone that doesn’t belong.

F) Conclusion (Repeat the topic and the reasons and how this would make everything better).


We will be finished the writing process by the beginning of next week.  Students will then need to take it home and improve it and practice it.  It is expected that it is mostly memorized.  We will talk about speech techniques over the coming weeks.


We have been working on transformational geometry in our math classes (reflections, translations, and rotations). This is a very short unit and should be completed by the middle of next week.

Science Fair

Our Science Fair will be tomorrow, Thursday, December 12th.  In our class 6 students have been selected to participate in the gym.  Parents are welcome; however, we would like to have parents come last block (1:15-2:30). Thank you.

Snow Valley Trip

Our annual Snow Valley trip forms went home today. You have the following options: snowboarding, skiing, and snow tubing.  There are three forms that need to be filled out and returned by December 19th. Late forms will not be accepted. Payment needs to be done using the cash online app. The cost of the trip will be posted in cash online.